Taira Maekawa
the 64th Annual Meeting of
the Japan Society of Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy

The 64th annual meeting of the Japan Society of Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy will be held at Kyoto International Conference Center for three days, from 28th (Thursday) to 30th (Saturday), April 28 in 2016. Eighteen years have really passed since the previous annual meeting of this society being held in Kyoto (1998). I would like to make this 64th annual meeting informative, productive, and innovative one by all the cooperation of all members of this society.

Theme of the 64th annual meeting should have been "Uniting Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy towards a New Frontier”. This society was made a corporation in 2006, and the official name was changed from the Japan Society of Blood Transfusion to the Japan Society of Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy, definitely showing that the territory of this scientific society includes not only the conventional blood transfusion but also the hematopoietic stem cells transplantation and cell therapy/regenerative medicine. By the recent introduction such as authorized education system for nurses specified for blood transfusion, the total number of members of this society including physicians, researchers, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, and nurses has been significantly increased. In this sense, this society also shows the importance of the blood transfusion therapy as an ultimate medical team. Furthermore, this society has just launched authorized education system specified for cell processing, and therefore this society has just stepped forward to the big step to provide the novel cell therapeutics for the patient who suffered from an intractable disease.

This 64th annual meeting will provide participants with various informative talks and discussions about the safety and efficacy of various blood products, blood plasma fraction preparation, development of the new coagulation factor, and innovative blood transfusion laboratory testing. In addition, various cell therapeutics including mesenchymal stem/progenitor cells, immune cell therapy, the regenerative therapy using somatic stem cells. Furthermore, novel candidates of cell therapeutics using iPS cell technology such as recent progress of the production of platelets from iPS cell-derived megakaryocytes will be presented. By the enforcement of revised pharmaceutical affairs act, such various innovative cell therapeutics in the clinical settings could be realized soon in Japan.

As a special invitation lecture, we will welcome Professor Shinya Yamanaka, Nobel laureate, the Director of Center for iPS Cell research and Application (CiRA) of Kyoto University. Furthermore, the program include various educational lecture, special lecture, symposium, workshop, and sponsored seminars.

For social events, I plan the fun run in a course around the Takaragaike pond near the meeting place.

I wait for the participation of a large number of all of you in this annual meeting in Kyoto surrounded by fresh green. I hope that you can realize the new prospects of Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy, and that at the same time you fully enjoy the hospitality "Omotenashi" of Kyoto.

I am looking forward to seeing you at April, 2016 in Kyoto.


Name of conference

The 64th Annual Meeting of The Japan Society of Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy


April 28(Thu.)-30(Sat.), 2016


Kyoto International Conference Center
Takaragaike, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-0001 Japan
Phone: +81-75-705-1229


Taira Maekawa(Department of Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy, Kyoto University Hospital)


Unit Transfusion Medicine with Cell Therapy towards New Frontier

Organizing Committee Office

Department of Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy, Kyoto University Hospital
54 Kawaharacho, Syogoin, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8507, Japan
Phone: +81-75-751-3628

Conference Secretaria

Med. Inc., 1075-3 Matsushima, Kurashiki, Okayama 701-0114, Japan

Program (tentative)

Special Invite Lecture

  • Shinya Yamanaka (CiRA, Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University) “ iPS Cell Research and Clinical Application”

Cell Therapy Science Forum

  • Light and shadow of haplo stem cell transplantation
  • iPS Cell and Regenerative Medicine
  • Mesenchymal Stem Cells
  • New Era of Immune Cell Therapy
  • Revised pharmaceutical affairs act and authorized education system specified for cell processing
  • Hematopoietic stem cell niche
  • Regenerative therapy in ophthalmologic field
  • Updates with CAR and TCR Engineered T Cells for Cancer
  • Technical seminar for cell processing


  • Asian Collaborative Study on Alloimmunity for Erythrocyte Antigens (International Symposium)
  • Consider the optimal transfusion therapy of massive bleeding cases(Joint Symposium by The Japanese Society for Cardiovascular Surgery, The Japanese Association for The Surgery of Trauma, and The Japan Society of Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy)
  • Pathophysiology of thrombocytopenia and transfusion therapy
  • Transfusion malpractice prevention by a team medical practice
  • From domestic self-sufficiency and stable supply of blood product - blood donation site and the bedside
  • Future prospects of clinical transfusion nurse
  • HLA antibody test and clinical practice
  • How does Red Cross Blood Center contribute to transfusion therapy
  • Molecular mechanism and its clinical pathophysilogy of Jra antigen
  • Management of transfusion reactions in blood disease that requires blood transfusion
  • Clinical use of autologous fibrin glue


  • Refresher course, nurses brush up course, nurse workshop, I & A workshop, I & A Q & A , I & A Role Play, Workshop on autologous blood transfusion, Platelet-granulocyte typing workshop, system on transfusion standard IT system by the Task-Force report, various examination guidance, and more
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